What is SALE?

 SALE is an abbreviation for Semantic Advertising pLatform for Egypt, it is a Semantic based smart advertising platform that is developed by SECC as part of RECOCAPE project activities. 


 RECOCAPE stands for REinforcing COoperation CAPacity of Egypt in embedded ubiquitous computing. It is a joint project between SECC of Egypt, TECNALIA of Spain, VTT of Finland, and UNIBO in response to the FP7-INCO-2011-6 Call. for more info http://www.secc.org.eg/RECOCAPE/aboutus.html

What is the usage scenario?

  The basic scenario of the system is shown in the figure.

sale usage scenario

0. The user registers his personal data and preferences to the platform using the mobile application.

1. The advertiser (e.g.,  restaurant)  registers a new offer for male, female age between 15 and 50 years,  located within 5km from the restaurant.

2. The publisher (e.g., El-Ahram) and the system administrator authorize the advertisement  to be published.

3. The web application maps data to triples and store them  on semantic server based on relevant ontologies.

4. The mobile application sends the user location regularly to the server.

5. The platform makes semantic matching for user profile, preferences, and context with stored offers to extract the  most relevant advertisements to the user.

6. The platform sends the relevant advertisements to the user. 

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