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Smart, Semantic, Context Aware

much more! create

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Please check the DOCUMENTS for more technical details about SALE

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SECC Organizes

Semantic Web Hackathon


Download Application Forms

download The TWO Forms

Write the Business Proposal

Document your idea, benefits, and why you STAND OUT

Send your Proposal

Send your propsal to

IMPLEMENT if you are in the top 10

Top 10 winners will implement their ideas using SALE

PRESENT if you are in the top 10

Prepare 10 mins presentation and pass the product testing

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Use Case

Use Case

Top 10 APPLICANTS from Stage 1 will be required to
  • Implement the proposed ideas using SALE
  • Deliver source code of their implementation
  • Deliver 10 mins presentation
  • Pass final system testing
The PROPOSAL should contain
  • Business domain (healthcare, traffic, energy, etc.)
  • Use Case : users, scenario
  • Business value - why users need SALE
  • Required changes in the SLAE platform
Download all documents here
  • Registration form
  • Use Case template
  • Use Case example
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40 %

60 %

Use Case

Use Case

Social Impact of using SALE
  • (15%) How many user will interact with SALE?
  • (15%) Seriousness of the ads?
  • (10%) Arabic support
Innovation in the Roadmap and Business Model
  • (10%) Originality
  • (10%) Commercial potential
  • (10%) How realistic the business model is
  • (15%) Size of the new features
  • (15%) The impact of the new features on SALE

40 %

20 %

40 %

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Submit NOW!

Submission Timeline

What is a Hackathon?

Hackathon is software development competition where teams of developers are developing new software components or products within a specified limited time. Hackathons target education or promoting new software technologies (one of the SECC goals). SECC  will start a series of hackathons to engage developers at different levels of expertise and backgrounds in new and emerging software technologies.

Objectives of Semantic Web Hackathon

  • Promote the semantic technology
  • Grow the SALE features
  • Build new Use Cases using SALE

Conditions and Participation Rules

Team FormationMinimum 2 and maximum 5 members per team
Required Technical BackgroundGood Java programming skills
Preferred TechnologiesWeb application developmentMobile application Development
  • All outcomes from first stage will be¬†publicly¬†available on the SALE community website
  • All outcomes from second stage will be publicly available on the SALE community website except the winning teams
  • All source codes could be downloaded after registration

The Semantic Web Hackathon will be carried out on TWO STAGES;Use Case Ideas and Use Case Implementation timeline

Stage 1:Use Case Ideas

Stage 1 Overview

In this stage, registered teams will be working on developing Use Case for their idea on using SALE platform in any domain of their interest. The proposed Use Case idea should be innovative and have an added value the users in the selected domain. The idea should build on top of the basic features of the SALE platform. The top ten ideas will receive awards (please check the award section) and will qualify to Stage 2 of this contest.

Stage 1 Expected Deliverable

  1. Use Case for SALE as per the templates provided in the Submission section.
  2. Development Plan for the proposed idea.

Stage 2: Use Case Implementation

Stage 2 Overview

In this stage, the top 10 teams must utilize the development version of SALE to develop a proof-of-concept pilot for the submitted Use Case and the required features or extensions. The pilot implementation must pass through basic scenario testing as per the evaluation criteria. Three teams will be selected to win the first SECC hackathon.

Stage 2 Expected Deliverable

  1. Implementation source code of the idea
  2. A presentation that summarizes the idea and its implementation

Detailed Submission Steps

  • Stage 1: Use Case Ideas
    1. Access the Documentation section and read about the main features of SALE and other technical details 
    2. Download the Application Forms 
    3. Add the team information and document your idea
    4. Compress all documents in zip file with the name SALE-Hackathon_application_by_<team_name>
    5. Send ¬†to¬†¬†using “SALE-Hackathon application by <team_name>” in the subject
  • Stage 2: Use Case Implementation

    1. Presentation that summarizes the stages 
    2. Source code of the developed features
    3. Signed form of the NDA (not to use it in commercial products without SECC permission)
    4. Deliver 10 min presentation in the closure event 
    5. Pass final system testing

Stage 1: Use Case Ideas

Social impact of using SALE (40 %)

  • (15%) How many users will interact with SALE?
  • (15%) Seriousness of the ads? How does it affect the user?
  • (10%) Arabic support

Innovation in the road-map and Use Case (60 %)

  • (10%) Originality
  • (10%)¬†Commercial Potential
  • (10%)¬†How realistic the scenario is
  • (15%)¬†Size of the new features
  • (15%)¬†The impact of the new features on SALE usability

Stage 2: Use Case Implementation

Pass the system test 

  • Quality (40 %)
  • Performance (20 %)
  • Functionality (40 %)


Original Deadline

Extended Deadline


Use Case Idea SubmissionMarch 30, 2014 April 6, 2014Open
Use Case Idea Evaluation Results (Select top 10)April 3, 2014April 10, 2014 
Use Case Implementation (Top 10)May 3, 2014May 10, 2014 
Use Case Implementation Evaluation Results (Select top 3)May 8, 2014May 15, 2014 

The winners from Stage 1: Use Case Ideas Stage will receive

  • Free 2 days course on the SALE architecture
  • SALE platform development version

The winners from Stage 2: Use Case Implementation Stage will receive

  • Free seats in the Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Introduction to Semantic-Web Information Management
  • SALE platform full source code¬†
  • Addition of winners names and affiliations to SALE website Contributors page
  • Opportunity to participate in The TIEC Entrepreneurship Accelerator (TEA) Program

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